March 31st - Happy Birthday, Sakamoto Maaya!!



Our {FIRST} featuring Suzumura Kenichi and Sakamoto Maaya.

for , I was doing Suzumura Kenichi when your messages come! And one fact turn into four… (still have more, but maybe another time,kay :D )

*and the article was around 2-3 years ago, so ‘recently’ in Suzuken habit doesn’t mean the ‘now’ recently, kay.

NB: your English is okay :D nothing to worry about ^^/

My new sounds:

"I can’t go any further."


Original animation layouts from the Hayao Miyazaki film The Wind Rises (風立ちぬ).


Welcome home. In your memories
When you want to cry, when you want to meet, I’m right by your side.
Welcome home. Notice it.
To live is to forget, so the present is always sparkling the most.

thank you for your angel voice.

thank you for your gracefulness.

thank you for your warm songs.

thank you for your inspirational lyrics.

thank you for coloring my life.

thank you for becoming my role model.

thank you for sharing your dreams to us through your music.




Seiyuu Agency Mediaforce Went Bankrupt


…so this is why Hirakawa-san tweeted he is now a freelance seiyuu

Life Update

sorry for just replying but thank youuu so much >w< gosh busy with being an adult ahahaha It’s so sad that now I barely have time for the boys TAT


congrats on landing your job!! seems tough, but good luck! you can do it! >n< i’m gonna miss you while you’re busy being an adult!!

Life Update

Hello everyone! How are you?

After 8 months of procrastinating being a jobless, I finally land my first job in a digital advertising agency.

Advertising is a dynamic world, keep revolving in a fast pace and yeah, I also no exception. Soon I discover that I have to handle 3 clients (maybe will increase to 4 or 5 later) in my first week. I’m still soo blind with this industry and I have to survive somehow XD

This makes me unable to barely have time to fangirl. I miss strolling tumblr and squealing and giggling but even sometimes I have to work on weekend ;;; Also I see that there are good response for the ‘Ageless Seiyuu’ ppt I have an idea to make it something like ‘Guess the Seiyuu Age Based on the Pictures’ however let’s just hope I have time to do it XD

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend! ;)



OmotenaShimo! Vol. 1 - Guest: Hirakawa Daisuke」

In which we get to see Hirarin being cheeky and teasing Hirotan before Hirotan snapped and used informal speech unintentionally. He then tried to deny that he didn’t say anything like that. XD;;

…………. I can’t. I just can’t with these seiyuus. HEAVEN FORBID INFORMAL SPEECH. WHY ARE THEY SO ADORABLE THAT SOMETHING SO MINOR LIKE THIS (since they’re practically a family IMHO) CAUSES SUSPICION AND dramatic SHOCK….. seiyuus are too cute omfg

Ricchan Reacting to Drama CD: Message 4 U Vol 1: Happy Birthday to U with Ishida Akira & Shimono Hiro

So cute so cuteeeee the voice Shimono uses here reminds me of a slightly sweeter ver of his role in Log Horizon, Soujirou. And Ishida-sama also did a great job voicing his tsundere character, especially when Shimono’s chara starting to get deredere with the MC and Ishida-sama began to bark to his junior (Shimono’s chara) XDDD After listening to this series, maybe you will experience cavities bcs of the cute moments.

Script is good, simple but cute. The three of you are on a journey to collect the message that form a birthday card from your friend. Memorable scene for me is when they were on a hospital and Ishida-sama’s character went all ‘I don’t like hospital!!’ then his junior said ‘senpai you don’t like hospital what?’ lol which he responded by ‘all people don’t like hospital!! right right!?’ Ishida-sama is the master of emotional-full voice but don’t look down on Shimono as well because he’s just soooo adorable!! I want him as younger brother XDD

In conclusion, this CD is good, sweet, easy listening without many difficult words and sentences, great for beginner JP language learners (like me lol). Will be better if you listen to this on your birthday, as it may feel like your real present from Ishida-sama and Shimono :D